Using the office to attract (and retain) talent

  • Posted on: 26 May 2023
  • By: Hushoffice Team

Most interviewees know within half a minute whether they want to work for you by your workplace’s design. Roughly 69% would trade key benefits like commute time for a better office environment. 22% would even take a pay cut.

Using the office to attract (and retain) talent

So what does a talent winning (and keeping) office look like?

Attracting talents by workplace design – tl;dr

When it comes to job interviews, first impressions matter to candidates, too.

72% of job hunters decide if they want to work for a company within 30 seconds, based on their first impression of the office. 81% say they would turn down a position if they did not feel the office was a place they wanted to be.

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An unpleasant interview space can turn job applicants away.

Nearly half of employees say the room where they are interviewed for a job influences their choice in whether or not they want to take the job. So the space where you meet prospects has a tremendous influence on each applicant’s interest in joining your team.

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If your office is drab overall, it may be turning prospective and current employees off.

One survey found that 43% of office workers would reject offers due to uninspiring offices. In fact, 39% said a dull office was one of the main reasons they left a previous position. Sadly enough, another survey indicates nearly a third of the workforce find their office “dated” and “uninspired.”

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Make your office warmer and more charming: Tastefully bringing kawaii style to open-plan offices.

Individual workspaces are also a foremost consideration for job applicants.

More than ⅓ of employees would reject a perfect job if the work environment was subpar. Also, about 73% would leave a company with poor workspaces — this jives with the considerable finding from a Robert Half study: that work environment is the most important factor in employee satisfaction.

These statistics are no wonder, given that nearly all office professionals say they perform better in workspaces that are well-designed.

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The latest research on employee sentiment suggests that picking the right talent involves more than gauging a candidate’s credentials and background. There has to be an appreciation of what drives that individual, including what kind of workspace they succeed in

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

So what do today’s job seekers (and employees) want from the office?

Let the following survey-based insights guide your office tweaks, retrofits, and investments for talent attraction and retention.

1.    Hushed areas where they can unplug

89% of employees say they work better when they have spaces in the office for periodic breaks. Plush armchairs. Restful lounges with dim lighting. Quiet pods for naps (see: hushMeet). A terrace with convenient benching, beautiful flowers, and shade structures. Etcetera.

Did you know some of history’s brightest minds swore by naps? Read more: The power of the power nap.

JLL’s 2022 Future of Work Survey indicated that roughly 35% of companies are expanding investment in dedicated spaces for employees to rest and recharge, such as patios or roof gardens. If you want to stay one step ahead of these proactive, purposeful companies vying for talent, make room in the budget — and the floor plan — for such restorative spaces

– lends Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

More on the timely topic of rest: Become more resilient by prioritizing recovery

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2.    An acoustically sound workplace complete with call spaces like hushPhone

Savills’s 2021 OFFICE FiT survey asked employees how their office could be improved. 74% said less noise, with 72% reporting better acoustics at home. Aim to make the office’s acoustics better than what people have at home, focusing on call and video conference spaces to facilitate hybrid working.

Read: The quick, comprehensive guide to office noise.

3.    Flexibility

71% of employees say it’s important their company’s workplace design be flexible. 73% say they’re more productive when they have access to flexible furniture arrangements. Sit-to-stand desks, rolling whiteboards, modular benching, portable privacy screens, and mobile pods all measure up.

The hushWall portable whiteboard on wheels.

4.    A mix of private and collaborative working spaces

Gensler’s U.S. WORKPLACE SURVEY 2022 found that the top reason employees wanted to come back to the office in 2022 was to focus on their work. The second reason: in-person collaboration.

This rang true in WeWork’s “The future of work is hybrid” survey as well; that what employees value most in the office today is the ability to work independently, then to collaborate. This means the office must accommodate independent and collaborative work to meet present expectations.

5.    Natural light

87% of employees say offices should have spaces that support wellness. And interestingly, natural light is the workplace design element people desire most for their wellness. It’s reassuring to know that 40% say a well-lit workspace would make them stay with a company.

Surfaced with the greenWall system, Hush office work pods and booths filter the office's air.

The Employee Experience survey from Future Workplace found that half of employees deem natural light and views of the outdoors the most important office perk. More important than onsite cafeterias, fitness centers, and even medical care and childcare. That’s an appreciable insight. And encouraging because there are numerous basic ways to bring more daylight into the workplace, whether by removing obstacles in front of skylights, implementing sheer window treatments, or positioning workstations closer to windows

– adds Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

In sum, today’s employees want a well-lit, flexible workspace that supports wellness.

Nearly all employees say their office signifies whether or not their employer values them. But only 37% think their offices were designed “with people in mind.” Luckily, improvements are a two-for-one investment. You become positioned to win talent while also boosting performance for current staff.

Attracting talents by workplace design – tl;dr

Attracting talents by workplace design –frequently asked questions

How do you attract employees to your office?

Offer restorative spaces in the office, like patios and nap pods. Make the office quieter through the use of sound-insulating space dividers and acoustic work booths. Provide flexible furniture pieces like modular breakout seating and sit-to-stand desks. Bring more natural light into the office by removing obstacles in front of windows and opting for sheer window treatments. Aim for a mix of private and collaborative workspaces.

Does the office’s design matter in attracting new talent?

It sure does. 72% of job seekers know if they want to work for a company within half a minute, based on their first impression of the office space. 81% say they would turn down an offer if they felt the office was not a place they wanted to be.

What do employees like about the office?

Gensler’s U.S. WORKPLACE SURVEY 2022 and WeWork’s “The future of work is hybrid” survey both found that what employees seek out of the office firstly is the ability to focus on their work. Secondly: in-person collaboration.

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