Flexible office


We create ideal spaces for people to work, meet and thrive in. Our Hushoffice acoustic pods fit into any office space. With our expertise in the design and manufacture of office furniture, we create workspaces that delight users and help our customers keep up with change. Workplaces where everyone can work the way they like and need to – in line with our motto FEEL FREE TO TALK, TO MEET, TO WORK.


You can use Hushoffice acoustic booths and customize their arrangement exactly as you need it. Match the pod colors to the design of your office. Choose furnishings to be used by the booth users: comfortable sofas, tables, chairs, high stools, a screen, TV or whiteboard. Create a flexible office with Hushoffice pods that adapt to your current needs. Divide your office into zones where different activities take place, and if you need to rearrange them, you can do so quickly and seamlessly. With their versatile design, mobility and customizability to any interior, the pods will make your office as flexible as your employees need it to be.

We create flexible office spaces

Hushoffice acoustic pods for the office work in wherever they’re needed. These are perfect for creating spaces for focused quiet work, video or audio calls without interruptions, or for team discussions that won’t distract others in the office. Set up hushFree pods around the office so your staff can to work in a way that works for them. A workplace using Hushoffice solutions that will be in pace with your growing business.

The ease of relocation

If you are planning to move to a new office, you can bring our acoustic booths with you, unlike a conventional meeting room. In this way, our acoustic booths are a piece of your office furniture that you will be able to keep for a long time, no matter where or when you plan to make changes.

Mobile solution

Our products can be easily moved around the office space. This is thanks to casters fitted in our hushFree acoustic booths, as well as in our hushWall mobile partition. With this solution, you can freely move booths or partitions around the office floor without having to dismantle them. It only takes a few minutes to return our products to their original the locations which causes no disruption or interruption to the office work.


If your team needs to refresh or change the office layout, with Hushoffice pods you will avoid knocking down walls or building new infrastructure. All you have to do is rearrange the pods. Thanks to this, the life cycle of the booths is considerably longer than that of, for example, classic meeting rooms, and at the same time, the booths allow for much greater freedom to rearrange.


Experts estimate that neuroatypical individuals make up around 20% of the world’s population. This means that, statistically, one in fve people has some kind of atypical psychological profle, which can be: dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or dyspraxia. Neurotypical and neuroatypical people already work and function in the same spaces, as neurotypical individuals. Many companies are realising that there is untapped potential in their neurodiverse employees and are changing their policies to make them more inclusive. Part of this process is changing communication, HR processes or the design and equipment of their offices.

Hushoffice acoustic pods create working environments that take into account the diverse needs of individuals in relation to work organization, space, communication and perception. By embracing the needs of neurodiverse people, we create comfortable places to work and meet in silence and focus. They address the needs of people whose five senses receive environmental stimuli at different levels of intensity. Acoustic booths create friendly working environments, based on reducing barriers and stimulating the strengths of neurodivergent people, where minds of different types can complement each other and use their potentials. The office needs to embrace neurodiversity and support the different way of thinking of each employee to become a more integrative and inclusive place.