In our company, we work and behave with a defined set of values in mind. These are our guidelines for our business practices and our decisions. Although these are not explicitly written down, and have evolved over our 30 years in the market, they have been a solid foundation of our business for two generations of family leadership. Our ambition is that the whole staff, regardless of the continent they live on, their positions, their backgrounds, their race, their gender, their views or their religion, share the values they are guided by in their daily work. We want our business partners and suppliers to know, understand and adhere to the values that form the foundation of our business. We want them to underpin our daily actions, choices and future success in the global markets we serve and the societies we live in.

We listen to our customers

We use customer opinions about our products and services to design inspiring spaces that enrich the lives of people and businesses. Together with our partners and distributors, we create value using our talents, knowledge and experience.

We honour integrity

We believe that honesty, transparency and accountability are the foundations of trust. We build mutually beneficial business relationships that go beyond legal and ethical practices, delivering on our commitments and adhering to our values.

We embrace continuous learning

In a rapidly changing world, we seek diversity of thought and opportunities to expand our knowledge. Applying this knowledge every day, we are transforming our business, improving efficiency and innovating in ways that meet our customers’ expectations.

We lead in design

Our family of companies has a rich history in furniture design and installation, from beautiful products to efficient solutions to inspiring spaces. We encourage our staff to think creatively, collaborate and take risks to turn great ideas into reality.

We create value

We provide innovative solutions to meet the unmet needs of our customers. Our success contributes to the retention and development of our employees, their families, our stockholders and our entire network.

We work to make the world better

We think not only about our business, but about our communities. We nurture hope for the future by valuing diversity, protecting the environment and generating economic value. We help make the world a better place for people to work and live.