Sustainable Development

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our strategy. We try to look at this in a multi-faceted way, that is, improving production processes, establishing best business practices, influencing the communities and environment close to us. We want to provide both our customers, partners and employees with a safe, friendly and healthy environment in which we operate on a daily basis. Our actions are motivated by the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have selected a number of objectives that are consistent with our business profile and are based on the UN’s pillars of ‘People’, ‘Planet’ and ‘Partnership’.


In line with the goal of a sustainable industry and the promotion of innovation, our products and production processes are being constantly improved in order to meet the needs of our users while remaining as sustainable as possible. They also meet the objective of responsible consumption and production. In fact, our products are ‘reusable’, meaning that if you move your office, Hushoffice acoustic booths can be moved to the new location after being dismantled and then reassembled on the new office floor.

Our company operates according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We decided to pack and ship Hushoffice products in lightweight cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled. We also work with environmentally conscious component suppliers. All wood-based components used in the production of Hushoffice pods have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and are certified to the FSC standard. We use paper baling equipment which allows us to package waste paper in a way that it can be recycled in the future.

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Hushoffice acoustic booths are manufactured in a certified production facility in Poland, in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, using only premium grade timber products that are tested, certified and labeled for compliance with TSCA Title VI and CARB Phase II standards for formaldehyde emissions. Hushoffice products carry the CE mark, meeting the requirements of the European Union’s New Approach directives.


Hushoffice pods are designed to be energy efficient. All our pods incorporate motion sensors to switch light and ventilation on. This ensures that they consume energy only when they are in use.


Hushoffice pods use flame-retardant materials. These are selected textiles, including upholstery fillings, external panels and carpeting. The wool materials used in Hushoffice products comply with fire requirements CAL 117, ASTM E84, BS 5852-0 and BS-EN 1021-1. Hushoffice can supply products that comply with BS 5852 (non-combustible foam). Carpet flooring is certified to EN 1307: 2014 and EN 14041: 2008-05.


As part of our corporate social responsibility, we also address our internal operating policies and stick to principles that benefit both our employees and our partners. We comply with all mandatory documents relating to our daily work including the labor code and a number of procedures for specific activities. We also support measures to initiate and promote best practices, such as the “Friend Referral Program” in our company’s recruitment process. We are committed to maintaining gender equality in the context of employment and remuneration, as well as bridging possible social inequalities in our organization in other contexts. We have developed best practice in hiring and organizing work for Deaf people – at the moment we employ more than 30 Deaf people in various departments of our production facility. We also run sign language courses for our employees to improve communication within the company and increase inclusivity in the workplace.


Working in our company, we share the idea of “Think globally, act locally”, which is why we make efforts to support local communities and institutions, as well as support nationwide initiatives that aim at providing help to any people in need. We also believe that large-scale social responsibility measures should not outweigh concern for our company’s immediate surroundings, meaning both the actual neighborhood, the city in which our production facility is located and our contribution across Poland. They are also an opportunity for us to build and support a global partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals. We especially look to contribute to the good of children, because they are the foundation of the future for us all.

Financial support to UNICEF Poland – December 2022

We decided to support Ukrainian children in need, who are often forced to flee for their lives, with homes and childhoods taken away by war. We made a financial donation to UNICEF Poland to help children in Ukraine. These funds were used for humanitarian aid, including the purchase of medicines and medical equipment, medical and psychological support, the purchase of warm clothes for children, personal hygiene items, educational kits and much more.


The wellbeing of our planet should be one of the key factors in how any company, regardless of its industry or personality, runs its business. Without a healthy planet, none of us will be able to achieve our goals. As part of our climate protection work, we decided to help the planet by donating 3 thousand trees. The tree seedlings we purchased were planted in specially designated forestation areas in Poland, including the Gostynin Municipality, the Arboretum of the Moravian Gate, Kamienna Góra and Ogrodzieniec.

Planting trees is one of the best ways to counter the harmful effects of climate change. This is a conscious step towards minimizing the carbon footprint that every business generates. Improving air quality through tree planting is our investment in a better and safer future. The trees we planted are not just numbers.