But first, let’s relax

  • Posted on: 18 July 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

79% of companies had a surge in mental health support requests during the pandemic. 79% probably sounds about right to you. It does to us — there’s just no denying how tough it’s been. The question is, how do we foster relaxation in the office and help alleviate the stress we’re all feeling?

But first, let’s relax

The pandemic was next-level stressful.

Nearly 1/3 of adults said they were so stressed, they struggled to make basic decisions like what to wear. 2 in 3 Americans said their sleep was fundamentally off. The societal and lifestyle disruptions were even tied to measurable brain inflammation, which affects mental health.

It’s safe to say, we would all benefit from a little R&R.

When we’re relaxed, we do our best work. In fact, 90% of top performers have a high EQ and can keep cool under pressure. In other words, their ability to remain relaxed is key to their success.

Acoustic meeting pod with green walls Hushoffice greenWalls
We never tire of talking up nature and we probably never will be. It’s a healer, for sure. Our greenWall brings more of it to the office.

The fact is, fight-or-flight shuts down critical thinking and other higher-order skills.

This is scientifically proven. People don’t think clearly when they’re stressed out. Ever have a shocking or startling event cause you to seize up completely? Your brain seemed to turn off, right? Well, stressful events are proven to hinder executive function.

Overwhelmed? HushWork.sit&stand is a quiet workspace where you can hear yourself think.
Overwhelmed? HushWork.sit&stand is a quiet workspace where you can hear yourself think.

Stress can also make us clumsy with our words, hurting work relationships.

When we’re flustered, we can misunderstand others. The “right” words aren’t likely to occur. Our emotions can take the wheel, causing reactivity. And we can only process about ½ of what’s coming in, so we most probably miss vital details.

The hushPhone call booth. A refuge from office commotion. Imparts the calm needed for great client calls.
The hushPhone call booth. A refuge from office commotion. Imparts the calm needed for great client calls.

Stress can wreck creativity, too.

Recall the last time you were pressed to come up with an idea on the spot. Everyone watching. Your ingenuity was probably MIA. Because when you’re nervous/stressed, physiological resources are allocated toward vigilance, meaning your brain power fuels survival over creative cognition.

Contemporary cocoon lounge chair A11 Hushoffice
Taking breaks from your work is an important part of the process. The “answer” often comes when your mind is focused on something else entirely. Our A11 lounge chair is a convenient resting point.

Stress is a ruthless imagination-killer! It’s shown to mess with the processes key to creativity, like task switching. In fact, the three systems within the brain that form innovative thought are the very same three systems most negatively impacted by stress. Now naturally, we’re all a little on edge at the moment, unsure of what the future holds. To ease worries, we think it’s imperative that the office promote relaxation through its variety of social and private spaces — it can help employees settle into a healthy, focused workflow as they return to the workplace

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Since excessive stress derails work performance, let the office foster relaxation.

The problems and opportunities upon us are complex — we must be in fine form, mentally, emotionally, and so on, to fully capitalize upon the now. So let’s try to relax. Relaxation is the antidote to stress. It’s the medicine.

A few pointers – a relaxing office environment:

The hushTwin work pod might be right for you — two perfect workspaces, separate but linked for max efficiency.
Need privacy? But lack space? The hushTwin work pod might be right for you — two perfect workspaces, separate but linked for max efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, aim to accommodate the needs of neurodivergent employees in all you do to retrofit the office for relaxed hybrid working. When you accommodate neurodiversity, you ultimately accommodate a broad spectrum of preferences, making everyone more at ease in the office.

the hushHybrid video call pod
All Hushoffice pods are upholstered in fine Italian wool, giving them a soothing organic feel. Pictured here: the hushHybrid video call pod.

Give employees a handful of comfortable environments for work, rest, and socialization.

By providing multiple spaces in the office for multiple needs, you boost autonomy; people will seek out the right space for the moment. They’ll protect their mental bandwidth, never overloaded by the floor’s activity. The transition back to the office will be smoother for everyone.

HushMeet.S is a private, sound-insulated den for critical conversations among two.
HushMeet.S is a private, sound-insulated workspace for critical conversations among two.

Encourage frequent breaks, too — an essential part of a healthy workflow.

According to Professor Ericsson from Florida State, 90-minute work sessions are ideal. To spot common denominators, he closely observed elite performers, finding that the best of the best practice for no more than 90 minutes at a time. This is because we’re built to switch between work and rest. is a popular spot to break throughout the day
A little open. A little closed. is a popular spot to break throughout the day.

Frequent breaks can do wonders to foster a relaxed work environment. Breaks prevent mental fatigue. Tunnel vision, too. When we’re too laser-focused, we miss the forest for the trees and get tuckered out. Just a 10-minute chat with a colleague can open up one’s mind, revealing a different angle they hadn’t seen before

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.
The hushMeet team meeting pod for 4
The hushMeet team meeting pod for 4. Gather, discuss, and collaborate in your own cozy hub.

Here’s some fun food for thought: How “isolation” pods make the office more social, not less

Consider the hushMeet.L modular office booth. The ultimate hang spot? We think so.

We recommend hushMeet.L if you want a flexible alternative to the structural break room. It’s movable by pallet jack and can be expanded or scaled back to seat 4, 6, or 8 employees without wasting any space. It’s also acoustic — engineered to the Class B standard per ISO 23351-1:2020, giving employees inside guaranteed speech privacy while blocking out irritating office noise. So it’s a perfect space for private discussions, no worry of being overheard, or casual gatherings, no possibility of bothering others

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.
The hushMeet.L modular office pod is like a portable, adaptable break room
The hushMeet.L modular office pod is like a portable, adaptable break room. It’s a super solution for teams that want to surf the waves of change.

Or there’s hushAccess.L — the ADA-compliant version of hushMeet.L

“Hush” for the quiet it provides. “Access” for wheelchair accessibility. “L” because it is large enough to seat up employees comfortably 🙂

Universal/inclusive design will become the norm. HushAccess.L is here for it.
Inclusive design will become the norm. HushAccess.L is here for it.

Pods are a terrific fix for hybrid teams.

They’re mobile, responding to change, a long-term asset. They’re acoustically sound, giving users a lulling ambiance. And they’re fully featured for quick, convenient use. Check out the Hushoffice collection of work pods to see what the buzz is all about.

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Relax in the office – frequently asked questions

What is a privacy booth?

Privacy booths for the office are freestanding acoustic structures for independent work, collaborative meetings, hybrid video calls, or all of the above.

How can I make my office less stressful?

Opt for a calming color palette. Declutter and streamline. Use organic materials like wool, wood, bamboo, bricks, stone, glass, and steel. Implement private work pods like hushWork.sit&stand, and quiet meeting booths like hushMeet. Divide open spaces into smaller, more inviting spaces (check out the hushWall large partition for a model of multifunctionality). Bring in lots of plants. And master the office’s acoustics.

What is the best office pod for phone calls?

HushPhone is one of the best pods for calls in the office. It muffles loud talkers and halfalogues. Its interior is minimal for peak concentration — an atmosphere that gives the introverted and the easily distracted peace-and-quiet to focus on their calls. Lights and ventilation are adjustable. It’s Class B (per ISO 23351-1:2020) giving employees guaranteed speech privacy and professional speech intelligibility. The office call booth is mobile, too, for easy relocation around the floor or to a new building.

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