Engage, inspire and adapt space – with the hushWall mobile wall!

The hushWall mobile wall is another solution from the Hushoffice range that will help you increase the performance and comfort of your workplace. We create our solutions with current employee needs in mind and we consider the direction the office market is heading.

Following the agile office concept, you can easily customise your hushWall. It can be a mobile dry erase board, an office acoustic partition, and you can easily turn it into a multimedia wall thanks to the possibility of mounting a TV.

Mobile wall in a hybrid office

Offices today must be designed according to the agile office philosophy and allow for easy and efficient rearrangement, all thanks to the mobility of the equipment. The hybrid work model has made the office a place where you socialise and remain in direct contact with other people. The presence of the hushWall mobile wall further supports effective task performance in the workplace and influences both the space and the people.

With hushWall, you can encourage team spirit during brainstorming sessions or status meetings. With hushWall, you can inspire your audience during training sessions, presentations or speeches. With hushWall, you can divide your space to create the perfect workspace for your current needs on the fly. Play with the options the mobile wall has to offer to make your work results even better and more pleasant to achieve!


for efficient teamwork


for presenting ideas and concepts during training and workshops


to adapt the workplace to the tasks currently being performed

Choose what you need

HushWall will successfully replace the classic flip chart, proving itself during brainstorming sessions or, if necessary, will separate work stations in an aesthetic manner, providing additional acoustic benefits. It is a product that, like the entire Hushoffice line, naturally extends the possibilities of agile work.

Each version has wheels for full mobility. You can easily rotate the hushWall by 360° or completely change the wall location. It is designed as a solution suited to the modern, hybrid work organisation. Every side of the hushWall can be arranged in three different ways – what’s your choice?

Each side of the hushWall can be customized in three different ways – which one will you choose?


Do you want to inspire your team even more and use multimedia options? No need to use other tools. Simply rotate the hushWall with a mounted monitor or TV to display your content in an audience-friendly way. Thanks to the clever design, the power cable/extension cable can be plugged directly into the floor box. After the presentation is over, you can just as easily unplug the equipment from the power source and place the hushWall where it is most needed!


The white board is an opportunity to engage your team. The large workspace is perfect for any situation – from meetings with just a few people to speaking in front of a larger audience. Do you need to explain difficult issues in a clear and illustrative way, brainstorm or outline an action strategy? Other employees will appreciate the transparency and feel even more included in the creation process. The spacious, lockable cabinet holds all the essentials: markers, laser pointers and sponges.


We have designed the hushWall with professional acoustic felt panels. This guarantees effective sound absorption, which is important when used to divide space, e.g. to separate desks. Do you want to be more engaged in computer work, talking on the phone or a discussion with your co-worker? You can easily set up the hushWall in your space to do so comfortably and with focus.

hushwall space divider features

Body available in two color versions
Felt panel /
dry erase board /
space for a tv mount
Cable grommet for TV connection
Closable cabinet with a roller shutter to store
all the things you need to have at hand
Mobile base, allows you to place the wall wherever you want
Brake casters for easy movement
and safe use

dimensions of hushwall mobile wall

Portable office partition dimensions Hushoffice hushWall


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