Hybrid is the new reality. Employers need their workplaces to lure teams back — to capitalize on collaboration, socialization, and other functions that only happen human-to-human in the office. Safe, clean, functional, and flexible is the vision. The right retrofits and upgrades can make the hybrid office the staple needed in this half-remote model.

So… what specifically do office tenants want in a hybrid world?

Key takeaways

  • Safety, health, well-being
  • Workplaces with more privacy & separation
  • Excellent video conferencing spaces
  • Good acoustics
  • An effective, functional workplace
  • Amenities

Tenants want safety & health

As occupants begin to return to the office, it’s critical that we invite everyone into a guaranteed safe space. With more than half of the workforce concerned about getting sick, stringent health and safety measures are paramount

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Hushoffice.

JLL determines health, safety, and security to be the top tenant needs entering the new reality. The focus on health is stronger than ever. Eagle Hill’s COVID-19 Returning to Work Survey finds 54% of U.S. employees are concerned about exposure to the virus. For the near term, we can confidently assume the occupant’s top concern will remain the safety and health of their employees. Employers need their offices to give teammates total assurance that they’re returning to a safe workplace.

Retrofits and initiatives for a safe, healthy hybrid office

  • Biophilia, Fresh Air 2020 showed us the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ). Occupants want a well-ventilated space filled with fresh, clean, pathogen-free air. Service the HVAC system and keep it in pristine condition. Make regular repairs, filter changes, and duct cleaning to improve circulation according to ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and similar code-compliant ventilation rates. Let cracked windows, indoor plants, and desktop air purifiers assist in the pursuit of better IAQ and healthier buildings.

  • Enclosed, Microbes Protected Work, Meeting, and Lounge Pods An office pod like hushPhone office phone booth or hushMeet sound proofed meeting pod traps and kills germs with its Anti Virus Coating. Each pod’s ventilation also brings fresh air in from the open floor continually. Contained and convenient, pods bring security and modern function to open offices, giving employees the assurance of a sanitized workspace as well as the convenience of comfortable seating, built-in desktops, power modules, and other basic work features. They make the broad office space easier to control and disinfect because they’re enclosed. This gives tenants peace of mind.

  • Health & Safety Kits Masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, gloves, thermometers, antimicrobial office supplies, test kits, antimicrobial brass/copper door opener or touch tools, and all the rest. That 54% of employees concerned about getting sick? 58% of this group say the availability of protective gear like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will make them feel safer; 53%, COVID-19 tests. The right supplies make a tenant’s team feel safer and more sure returning to the office.

  • Social Distancing & Sanitization Practices Signage, partitions, crowd control, and well-communicated policy help maintain safe occupancy limits and social distancing across all communal spaces of hybrid office — conference rooms, lobbies, elevators, kitchenettes, restrooms, etc. Implement a strict sanitization routine tackling every shared space for maximum tenant confidence. Aggressive cleaning is key. Teams want to see high-touch surfaces like door handles and elevator buttons regularly disinfected. Visible, consistent cleaning equals trust and confidence that the workplace is safe. Team up with the janitorial crew and provide ample hand sanitizer and wipes, allowing tenants to control their own environment.

  • Touchless Where possible, upgrade systems to touch-free. Lights, faucets, trash cans, toilets, soap and paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, doors, water fountains, hand sanitizer dispensers, charging docks, vending machines. Germs can live on a surface for 48 hours — and 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. Touchless increases tenant assurance in the safety of their space.

The Hush Green Wall brings nature indoors. Frame, fixing arms, flower pots with irrigation channels, and automatic electronic irrigation system included.
The Hush Green Wall brings nature indoors. Frame, fixing arms, flower pots with irrigation channels, and automatic electronic irrigation system included.

More privacy and separation. A more “closed” open office.

JLL’s “Tenant needs in a post-pandemic world” predicts one of the top tenant needs to be: space design that offers greater dedication, privacy, and separation from others. If your floor is purely open, divide it up and zone it off to a workable degree. Simple barriers and booths block a germ’s transmission route while giving tenants that dedicati