Become a more resilient organization with Hushoffice pods

  • Posted on: 8 December 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

Staying the course despite major unknowns. Maintaining good morale and communication via video calls alone. Bringing on new hires during busy seasons. Handling tense calls with nuance and grace. Today’s work world takes resilience at every level. Hushoffice pods can help.

Become a more resilient organization with Hushoffice pods

What is resilience?

Adaptiveness. Toughness. The capacity to respond to difficulties quickly and efficiently. The art of bending under pressure so as not to snap. This is resilience

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Resilience helps you bounce back when things go south. When faced with a crisis, whether personal or organizational, resilience is what helps you weather the storm and come out stronger for it. It gives a team longevity.

We must be resilient in every way to thrive long-term.

Resilience happens at many levels! An employee is unfazed by the loss of a big client. A team reacts to unsatisfying ad results with renewed resolve. An entire organization stays productive through volatile times.

Case #1: Handling a tricky client call in the hushPhone private telephone booth.

HushPhone is quiet and acoustic. When you enter the call booth, you’re met with sheer calm. Just the thing needed to collect oneself for a challenging call

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Let’s take an example of individual resilience at its best…

Jennifer made a minor mistake in the proposal. It bred confusion and stress. She’s potentially set the team back since the client (who’s been a tough close from the start) emailed back with the intent to draw out. Luckily, he agrees to talk it over.

HushPhone is an office call pod for make or break calls.

It’s first thing in the morning, and with just 10 minutes to prepare, Jennifer steps inside her hushPhone. It’s like stepping into a bubble of concentration. A bubble that blocks noise out (both literally and figurative noise).

When you enter hushPhone, you shut out all distractions and doubts.

Right quick with minutes to spare, Jennifer is focusing intensely on her talking points, getting in the right frame of mind to listen well. She’s practicing delivery out loud without self-consciousness since the call pod insulates speech (preventing employees on the floor from listening in).

Vous avez besoin de communiquer ? Faites-le plus efficacement en plongeant dans la cabine téléphonique de bureau de hushPhone et en clarifiant la situation par téléphone.
How to bring privacy to the workplace when the layout is open? Pods like hushPhone help. They’re private, quiet call spaces where you can hear yourself think.

It’s a perfect call space at the ready. HushPhone just makes sense.

Go time. Jennifer dials up the client. He picks up. They say hello. They dive right in. Beat by beat, Jennifer shows empathy and tact, handling the call like a pro. In large part because her environment, her hushPhone call booth, is a professional call space.

It’s a booth for noisy open space offices.

Though Jennifer’s office is hectic, the only thing her client hears on the call is her reassuring voice and super intelligible speech. This is because hushPhone deflects all background office noise, protecting calls like a superhero sidekick.

The hushPhone office phone booth is brilliantly sound-insulated, making your noisy open space office much quieter.

HushPhone is a premium call booth where deals are closed.

By the end of the call, he is ready to close. A blunder that could have fumbled the contract and hurt the relationship permanently wound up actually strengthening their bond and closing a difficult-to-close deal. HushPhone helps her do it again with a winner’s resilience.

Case #2: Pivoting a product in the hushMeet 4-person meet pod.

Another story. A case of enduring team resilience…

You diligently executed a fine strategic plan. It was backed by thorough market research. Your team did everything right. But the product outright fell flat. It was met with mainly negative feedback from the industry. What next? HushMeet provides the intimate, sound-insulated 4-person team meeting space needed to efficiently pivot

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.
The hushMeet acoustic booth for team meetings.
Outspoken? Talk as openly and as loudly as you want in hushMeet. You won’t distract others outside the pod because they won’t hear a word.

Big flop. But the core team isn’t shaken — it’s no one’s first rodeo.

Everyone knows pivots are necessary turning points for every successful mega-company. As team lead, you’ve kept a vigilant eye on your niche for months — your competition, consumer behavior, trends, and now you have hard feedback to inform your next move.

HushMeet private office booth for team meetings
Soft-spoken? talk as quietly as you’d like. Every word will be heard by teammates inside hushMeet.

The “negative” review of your product is really the moment of magic.

So it’s back to the drawing board! HushMeet, that is. What aspects of the strategy missed the mark? What assumptions were wrong? Over the next few weeks, your crew meets up in hushMeet multiple times a week, determining a new vision for the product and identifying the steps to realize it.

HushMeet is a team pod for stellar communication.

You articulate the new plan to colleagues company-wide, galvanizing everyone’s efforts, inspiring excitement. The excitement overtakes any initial upset at the original “flop.” What started as a bit of a gut punch for some — negative feedback from the industry — becomes a uniting team effort week-by-week.

Do it better the second time around in hushMeet.

HushMeet is like a trusted mothership where hard problems are solved, and novel thoughts are had. Inside, you and your team illuminate a more promising path forward.

Case #3: A focused distributed team thanks to the hushHybrid video conference call booth.

Lastly… a story of organizational resilience…

Implementing a multi-faceted campaign on a hybrid team isn’t easy. HushHybrid makes it easier by giving on-site employees a spot to attend video calls from within the office. It’s an acoustically perfect, fully equipped, one-person pod for video conference calls

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.
HushHybrid video call for open plan office
Disconnect fully from your noisy office space; connect fully to colleagues on the call.

The rollout of the latest ad campaign has been a challenge since the core marketing team works from about 5 different locations. And just a week ago, they brought on a new hire. For the director, who works mostly in the office, their hushHybrid pod has practically been the most valuable player, giving them a dependably quiet environment to video call teammates from.

Inside their hushybrid, the team leader hears every word of each call clearly.

And vice versa — teammates can hear every word of theirs. Communication is natural. This is because the pod is acoustically a rockstar — it eliminates office noise, cocooning you in a sweet respite for pure conversation.

HushHybrid acoustic office booth for video calls.
When planning an office space for hybrid working, include pods for hybrid video calls like hushHybrid.

Having productive workspaces gives you an edge.

Because the video calls have been so productive, the team is on track to spearhead a clever new campaign they’re sure will bring in dozens of new leads. Their niche is highly competitive — their top competitors rock ads like no other — but they’re sure the next adset is a winner.

The challenges of being distributed are real.

The challenges of onboarding a new hire on a distributed team — in the thick of pulling together a new campaign — are equally real. HushHybrid has been an essential workplace for the director in this case. They’ve been able to form a relationship with their new peer and integrate him into the team unit.

Office pod for hybrid collaboration Hushoffice HushHybrid
HushHybrid’s upholstered sofa make you feel good. Its adjustable lights make you look good. Its perfect acoustics make you work good.

HushHybrid makes it possible for a marketing director to lead confidently.

It’s the one workspace in the office you can depend on to connect with remote teammates on the regular, on the fly, no matter from where in the world your people are signing on.

Pods, booths, and cabins like hushPhone, hushMeet, and hushHybrid make an office layout more flexible.

And flexibility goes hand in hand with resilience! Being flexible thinkers; bending like willow branches to the winds of adversity. The person that can adapt like this is the person that survives, the person that’s resilient. The business that can adapt, survives. It’s a matter of continual adaptation.

The office should be flexible, should continually adapt.

Just like our minds, it must respond to change to keep up.

Office pods – frequently asked questions

How many people does the HushAccess.L ADA compliant pod seat?

HushAccess.L comfortably seats between 4-6 people, depending on how many modules you configure yours with. Learn more about the private acoustic team conference pod here.

Is hushPhone mobile?

Yes! The hushPhone sound-insulated call booth is built on castors and can be easily relocated by push 🙂

What is the best office pod for video conference calls?

That would be the one and only hushHybrid video call booth. It’s a one-person pod with supreme acoustics. Inside, you fancy a noise-free atmosphere that insulates speech, preventing your calls from being overheard. The pod also features video call light strips so you can illuminate your face to the best level for video calls.

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