Block out office buzz.

Step into hush, in a world of rush.

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Individuality comes as standard.

Moments of hush give confidence and comfort.

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Concentrate for better results.

The hush you need, to think clearly.

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Quiet. Comfortable. Mobile. Flexible. Cost-effective. Hush Booths are everything an office need, and more. So, step away from the rush, into Hush.

for Hush

01. Hush - don’t worry about changes

New employees, new expectations, new problems... See how Hush will help you adapt your office to changing environment.

02. Privacy

When privacy is paramount, the Hush collection of booths, with their high-quality acoustic construction, provide a peaceful and silent retreat for uninterrupted work, in an open-plan office.

03. Comfort

The combination of design and ergonomics, coupled with acoustically absorbent materials, ambient lighting and air ventilation, the space is practical yet comfortable. Retreat to a Hush booth for a superb user experience.

04. Flexibility

Hush designed the range of booths with your office in mind. Each meets different needs, so you’ll always find the perfect space to work, in your own way. Hush booths are easy to assemble, and simple to relocate, offering ultimate flexibility.

Chose your space. Work in a way you really want to.

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Hush Work is an independent, mobile acoustic solution created to let you work…
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Hush Meet L is a modular acoustic box designed for meetings involving up…

We are constantly working to improve your office comfort.

We will show you new products for your office soon.

Millions of moments of Hush,
across the globe.


of Hush Pods delivered around the world

over 29

years of experience in office furniture production

Briefly about us

The Hush collection has been designed and crafted by the office design experts at Mikomax Smart Office, who have over 29 years of experience and numerous prestigious awards. Hush office solutions are manufactured in Poland, in a 160,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production space.

AR application

AR application

Wondering how Hush will look in your office?

Download the AR application and insert the virtual booths into your space. Check which solutions best meet your needs.

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