The hushWall reversible office divider, a marketer’s go-to

  • Posted on: 21 August 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

The mighty hushWall divider is double-sided and portable, letting you do many things. Construct makeshift sub-spaces that are calmer than the office floor. Review digital assets as a group in a wink. Keep the office functional at a high level regardless of its occupancy. Check it out.

The hushWall reversible office divider, a marketer’s go-to

Construct temporary sub-spaces fit for higher-order thinking.

HushWall. A large partition for the office, customizable to fit your needs.
HushWall. A large partition for the office, customizable to fit your needs.

Ask any veteran marketer what their work is all about, and they’ll give you some variation of the same answer: connecting the dots

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Marketing is super integrative work. You’re synthesizing multiple morsels of info, holding them in your head at once, hoping to give rise to a promising tactic.

Uninterrupted focus is essential for success as a marketer.

Where the office space is too active, hushWall delivers. It’s big — 6 and a half feet tall, about 5 feet wide — yet fluidly mobile. So you can separate yourself from colleague commotion at a minute’s notice.

Write the snappiest ad copy yet.

The hushWall portable office divider.
Write your best work yet with the help of hushWall’s dry erase board.

Good writing converts. A brilliant ad campaign is made by basic tight, bright copy

– adds Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Anyone who writes will tell you it takes both left and right-brained functions. Without the left half, the copy will lack substantial content. Without the right, the copy won’t shine.

Only through a marriage of both brain halves is the needle moved by words.

HushWall can give order to the chaos of thoughts, freeing you up to purge your wild mind, uninhibited, with ample whiteboard space to go ham. It rolls where you need it as soon as juices flow.

Drafting new product copy? Say no more.

HushWall helps you spit out the first draft, no overthinking. List the concrete technical specs on one side of its dry erase board; write out all abstract, compelling verbiage that occurs on the other. Let the magic happen. HushWall is wonderfully uncomplicated.

Review digital assets as a group in a wink.

Hushwall office partition on wheels
Like a mobile screening room. HushWall can be customized with space to mount a TV bracket for quick content sharing.

Landing pages, images, and video are the visual stuff of digital marketing. The scroll-stoppers. Like any component of sales which taps into funny psychological drives, they’re an art and a science

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Hushoffice.

How can colors, shapes, and movements pique the interest of a very specific demographic? The short answer: details. Often the subtlest tweak of a rough mockup can make a winner of a flop for ultimate resonance.

What’s needed is a relaxed but effective atmosphere to review mockups as a team.

A space where people can move about, thinking on their feet, open-mindedly taking in the latest iteration with fresh eyes. Equipped with your own TV and rolled to the right spot, hushWall fashions such a relaxed, effective space.

Check out hushWall’s customization options here.

Keep the office functional for your marketing crew regardless of its occupancy.

Office occupancy rates are expected to fluctuate greatly in our new hybrid world. We designed hushWall to adapt to the fluctuations. With it, employees can create comfortable sub-spaces on the fly, positioning the divider to seclude themself to a nice degree

– explains Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

3 peers meeting up to review new leads from the last advert? Roll hushWall to the office’s far corner to create a small pocket of utter productivity. Equipped with your own TV, you can power up the partition and cast contact lists for team analysis without missing a beat.

HushWall is the fix for groups of all sizes.

How about 5 peers gathering to talk over trade show feedback? Let hushWall flank the breakout area, creating a low-key zone for off-the-cuff discussion.

In a hybrid world, the office’s occupancy might vary by as many as 40 people day to day.

Flexible furniture like hushWall accommodate the swing through simple mobility. The partition is large but easy to relocate so employees can retool their office environment, building mini-workspaces that are as comfortable as they are convenient.

Isolate yourself momentarily — get pleasantly lost in work.

The hushWall office partition.
The hushWall freestanding movable divider for additional privacy.

Let’s look at a typical activity for marketers. The buyer persona workshop. Something we do about every other year to revisit assumptions and capture new insights. When it’s time to go back to the drawing board and concentrate deeply on personas, hushWall provides the drawing board and the more contained environment needed

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Hushoffice.

Move it to the tamest spot in the office and isolate yourself and your teammates in a smaller sub-space. HushWall forms the focused hub needed to carry out foundational workshops and group activities with unparalleled care.

Persona development is a labor of love. HushWall provides the right digs, making the labor more lovable.

It’s double-sided and space-dividing. Teams can split up into two groups and tackle complementary tasks on either side at once. The versatile partition gives you a whiteboard, digital content streaming, or both (depending on how you customize yours).

Complete your persona workshop together over a week or so.

This is the keen way to break up persona-refinement, which takes ultra attention — earnest consideration of who your people are to their core: what drives them, what worries them, all that.

Just roll your hushWall on over when it’s time to pick up where you left off.

With markers at the ready and storage at its base, the multifunction divider is the only tool you and your colleagues need for vibrant collaboration.

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Office dividers and partitions – frequently asked questions

What are the dividers in offices called?

Office dividers, partitions, panels, and separators are all synonymous phrases. Check out our hushWall multifunction, double-sided divider for a model of the best.

Which partition is best for office?

Pick a partition like hushWall, which is highly customizable. For either side, you get your choice of 3 options: felt paneling, modified felt paneling (with a place to mount a TV bracket), or a dry erase board. It’s on wheels, too, so you can easily move it around the office. It’s also large enough to sufficiently divide shared spaces into smaller, more manageable zones.

How tall is hushWall?

HushWall is roughly 6.5 feet tall and 5.25 feet wide. Check out its product page.

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