Here at Hushoffice we are thrilled to launch hushWall – a freestanding office divider that’s customizable, dual-sided and mobile, too. It’s a brand new solution to support the ever-changing needs of an agile workplace and it’s the latest of many additions to our growing catalog of professional, flexible office furniture.

We released the A11, the high-design lounge chair. Privacy and comfort, encapsulated (quite literally). Then the hushHybrid one-person video call booth for excellent conference calls. A one-of-a-kind booth completing the Hushoffice collection of soundproof office pods. Next? HushWall for agile working!

What is hushWall? A mobile office divider that gives you options.

HushWall is a double-sided mobile office divider. 5 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall by 2 feet deep. Its dual-sidedness makes it a highly effective solution for agile workplaces because it’s versatile, catering to several needs at once.

Check out its product page here.

Dual-sided. Dual-function. The hushWall office screen equals flexibility.

Either side of the portable partition wall is customizable with 1 of 3 options. These are: felt paneling, modified felt paneling (with a place to mount a TV bracket), or a whiteboard. Also featured is a storage cabinet at hushWall’s base, which glides smoothly for easy access.