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Private pods. What does privacy actually feel like in an office pod?
HushSpot is a modern multi-station hotdesking table, a comprehensively equipped workspace for anyone who does not have a permanently assigned workstation.
The hushFree.S acoustic booth is designed for individual work, longer videoconferences and telephone calls.
HushFree.M is an acoustically comfortable booth for the office, which is ideal for face-to-face and hybrid meetings, important conversations requiring privacy, team meetings or creative work.
The large hushFree.L acoustic booth is an ideal alternative to traditional conference rooms.
The hushPhone booth radically improves the convenience of work for the entire office.
Though hushWork is not assigned to anybody in particular, anyone using it can feel like the space was made just for them.
HushWork is an independent, mobile acoustic solution created to let you work how you want – your way.
Owing to the closed structure and the acoustic materials used, every participant of a hushMeet.s meeting feels 100% at home.
HushMeet.L is a modular acoustic think tank room designed for meetings involving up to 8 people.
Owing to the closed structure and the acoustic materials used, every participant of a hushMeet.s meeting feels 100% at home.
We test our booths and pods with cutting edge technologies in professional environments. And we're committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the market!
We test our products with cutting edge technologies in professional environments. Our team is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the market.
We test our pods and booths with cutting edge technologies in professional environments. And we're committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the market!
HushLock is a modular office storage system — an all-in-one freestanding supply cabinet that solves the open space office's storage problem in style.
A11 armchair
Acoustic properties lounge chair with closeable front panel that allows to create own private space, even in bustling environment.

Private pods. What does privacy actually feel like in an office pod?

  • Posted on: 31 January 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

We've shared the business case for office pods. But what does it actually feel like inside the private pod? To answer that question, the following blog tells the “privacy story” of our most popular pods. The hushPhone call pod, hushHybrid video call booth, hushWork.sit&stand work pod, hushMeet team pod, and hushMeet.L modular conference booth.

Private pods. What does privacy actually feel like in an office pod?

Table of Contents

What is it like to use the hushPhone personal phone booth? Ease, every step of the way…

It’s 1PM. You’re working out the details of a new AdWords campaign. Rrrriiiing… An unexpected call from a highly valued partner. A partner you’ve been nurturing for months in hopes of a long-term contract. You need privacy, pronto.

The hushPhone call booth keeps privacy at hand

The bad news is all meeting spaces are currently in use. The great news is your team just invested in two new hushPhone call booths. So without missing a beat, you tuck your laptop beneath your arm and make a dash for the nearest hushPhone just feet away. You enter the pod by the second ring.

Soundproofed, impenetrable focus

Stepping into hushPhone, you step into your zone. The pod is masterfully soundproofed. So it’s comfortably quiet. No office noise from the open floor pervades its oasis. At the same time, the office phone booth’s watertight acoustics ensure not a word of your conversation will be picked up by colleagues outside.

The peace needed in a noisy world

This acoustic soundproofing gives you peace of mind. It allows you to convey naturally -— no overthinking it. So instantly upon closing the pod door, you relax. Instantly, you’re at ease. Instantly, you’re ready to communicate.

Think of hushPhone as a luxury privacy pod and office phone booth.
Think of hushPhone as a luxury privacy pod and office phone booth. It’s thoughtfully designed with fine-tune-able lighting and ventilation for a luxury experience.

Tuning out office chaos to tune into conversation

You pick up the phone by the third ring and tune in, liberated of all office distractions. You’ve effortlessly switched gears. Your presence is full. In a bright, energizing voice, you say hello and share greetings. Then you get right to it, addressing crucial points of concern as your partner illuminates them one by one.

Strong speech intelligibility and speech privacy with one soundproof acoustic solution

From the get-go, you read telling changes in pace of speech and tonal inflection. In turn, you’re crafting word choices to speak more artfully, more persuasively. For this, you’re grateful to hushPhone’s brilliant quiet, which preserves speech. Not a syllable is lost in translation. You’re powered on.

The hushPhone acoustic telephone booth elevates every call. It guards speech like a watch dog, making strong connection inevitable.
The hushPhone acoustic telephone booth elevates every call. It guards speech like a watch dog, making strong connection inevitable.

Leave workplace racket behind in your very own soundproof phone booth

Momentarily, you even forget about the office and other tasks completely. You’re in your zone within hushPhone. This is in large part because the soundproof phone booth’s hard walls block visual activity. So you aren’t bothered by movements on the floor.

You’ll be at home in hushPhone

HushPhone also gives you what’s called “architectural” privacy. Or a feeling of at-home-ness in your immediate space. And you don’t feel isolated at all inside. The Hush pod’s glass panels maintain a sense of connection to your team as you conversate. The experience is delightful.

Designed for convenience

Seven minutes in, you fold out the office cabin’s laptop tray. You set up your device and research a few events as they’re mentioned. As you peruse, you think of ideas, writing them down in a doc. The back-and-forth is unscripted yet brimming with opportunity. HushPhone’s call environment is just terrific.

Office phone booths like hushPhone provide a perfect environment for telephone calls.
Office phone booths like hushPhone provide a perfect environment for telephone calls.

A phone pod boasting ergonomic comfort

As the conversation pans out, you periodically lean on the phone pod’s armrest. Alternating between a standing and leaning posture feels good. It keeps you comfy. Poised, too. The frequent movement releases frenetic energy. So your mind is attentive, never scattered or anxious.

Here’s to true communication

It’s going great. You’re candid and graceful. You instill trust. You listen well and respond intelligently, from a place of stillness. HushPhone’s relaxing atmosphere fosters this stillness. And by the end of the call, well… you’ve done it! You’ve brought your partner on board. You’ll be working together in a larger, more permanent capacity. A dream come true.

Cell phone booth for office hushPhone Hushoffice
hushPhone cell phone booth for office

A quick yet pivotal call thanks to your hushPhone office call booth

You finish up. They want to see the proposal updated with details just hashed out. One final look and they’re ready to proceed on that long-term contract. What a win! You’re thrilled! You leave hushPhone with fresh zest and a hard-earned victory to show for months of stick-to-itiveness. Stepping back onto the floor, you’re ready to start an exciting new chapter on your team’s behalf.

Check out hushPhone’s product page here.

Privacy within the hushHybrid video conferencing cabin. A typical scenario…

It’s Tuesday. You have an important video call in the afternoon so you head into the office. Your home setup is a little cluttered and a lot chaotic. You need the privacy and convenience of your office’s hushHybrid video conferencing cabin. You’re following up with a prospect that could mean significant business.

Stellar video calls, guaranteed

Before you know it, it’s “go” time. You’ve been busy all day but aren’t stressed. In fact, you’re looking forward to the call. You’re prepared. You’ve practiced all negotiation points. What’s more, you have the support of a noise-free, functional space: hushHybrid.

Fully equipped, fully functional

With 15 minutes to spare, you head over to your trusted video conferencing cabin. HushHybrid sits ready. Your team outfitted it with an AIO computer. Its camera and mic are top-notch, and the office pod’s mount holds both at ideal positions. As you power up, you find that your face is perfectly framed.

Lights, camera, action

You test your Internet and mic next. Then dial hushHybrid’s video call light strips up and down until the most flattering setting is achieved. On camera, your face is nicely illuminated. You look professional, which only boosts your morale, already high. It figures — hushHybrid never lets you down.

A soundproof booth that deflects background office noise

The meeting kicks off beautifully. You’re in your element. You’re safe from workplace frenzy. Your hushHybrid is a soundproof booth, so it blocks out all noise. From inside the pod, phone rings, app pings, keyboard clickety-clacks, and colleague chat are heard as only a faint muffle.

Sure privacy, sure bliss

The depth of acoustic bliss doesn’t stop there. The Hush booth is acoustically engineered to contain all noise, too. So coworkers can’t hear any sound from your call. You’re liberated of all self-consciousness. You’re free to just be — to do what you do best. You have privacy, and it’s blessed.

Office video calls booths offer unmatched concentration

Success is the natural product. You hit all your negotiation points with athletic deftness. The office pod’s tranquil “feel” keeps you centered. You’re confident. You communicate well. You listen even better.

Privacy pods for offices deliver more than privacy. They deliver comfort, convenience, and concentration.
Privacy pods for offices deliver more than privacy. They deliver comfort, convenience, and concentration.

Visual privacy, too

Not only can you easily hear every word on the call. Not only are you free from being overheard. Your hushHybrid office booth gives you privacy in the visual form. One of its two glass panels is frosted; the other, finished with an opaque sticker covering its middle section.

A private pod that turns stress into serenity

So as you cruise through talking points and drive the call forward, you’re reassured that no one is peeping at your laptop. The privacy is truly multifaceted. It’s wonderful. It turns stress into serenity.

Comfort through long calls

The call winds up going on longer than you anticipated. But you don’t notice. This is probably because hushHybrid is ergonomically designed. Its sofa is structured, supporting you in a healthy posture.

Like a breath of fresh air

Also, the video conference booth’s ventilation system is constant, replenishing the pod with fresh air in real-time. So you’re so focused and cozy throughout the call, you don’t even perceive time flying by. Of course, time flies when you’re absorbed by the moment.

hushHybrid video call office cabin
HushHybrid video call office cabin

A video call booth for deal-closers

You eventually reach the home stretch, finish, and hang up. You’re surprised to find that 40 minutes are gone. Woof! What a call! Your communication was skillful. Creative. All said and done, you’ve landed a brand-new client in a monthly capacity — a client your team has been after for months. You’re dizzy with excitement.

Plus a depth-adjustable desk for laptop work

You just need a minute to note a few points on the service ladder. So you slide the pod’s desk out an inch or two for comfortable typing. After jotting down closing thoughts, you smile. It’s only April, and you’ve already achieved your biggest goal for the year.

Check out hushHybrid’s product page here.

Want to read more about the pod? Videoconferencing just got better with hushHybrid acoustic office pod for hybrid work!

HushMeet. A 4-person meeting private pod delivering function, flexibility, and all-around privacy.

You and the marketing team have been hard at work leading the creation of a second website. You meet twice a week, every week. The meetings have been vital to your progress.

All is not lost in the open plan office?

Your workplace is typically active. Employees periodically toss around thoughts out loud. The ad hoc meeting space gets rowdy — and it’s right beside the huddle area. The kitchen is only a minute’s walk from the work zone. Its coffee machines and microwaves kick on and off sporadically. So on and so forth.

Meeting booths for offices have Hushoffice hushMeet
Meeting booths for offices have become wildly popular. They’re soundproofed for privacy and equipped for convenience.

Introducing a meeting pod for active floor plans

But this fluctuating office activity can’t touch your team’s progress. Because when it’s time to meet up and get after it, you do it in hushMeet, your very own multi-person office meeting booth.

Much-needed isolation from the open space in hushMeet

Your hushMeet is isolated from the open space. It’s hushed. It’s serene. It makes all private meetings in the office not only possible but powerful. Stepping into the pod, your team always zeroes in on the agenda without much effort.

Hushoffice hushMeet soundproof office cabin
A true beauty. The hushMeet soundproof office cabin.

Conducive to zeroing in

HushMeet’s hushed, serene space is just conducive to zeroing in like this. Not once is attention diverted by commotion on the floor. Worries and concerns outside the pod are shut out physically, visually, and acoustically. They are all but forgotten every time your team gathers.

Privacy-fuelled meetings

And because it’s soundproofed, everyone feels safe speaking openly in the pod. Everyone is also engaged out the gates. Core elements of the pod’s engineering protect attention. The acoustics. The physical enclosure. The cozy interior. HushMeet’s atmosphere cleverly supports enduring focus.

4-person meeting pod hushMeet Hushoffice
4-person private pod – hushMeet.

Snug yet spacious

The acoustic meeting pod’s privacy is matched by its snugness. Its compact size is apt for small meetings. The pod generously seats all 4 teammates. And its seating is firm and ergonomically shaped. Best yet, you can achieve an ideal luminescence by adjusting hushMeet’s lights.

A pod booth that’s convenient as can be

You’ve hung a monitor on the pod booth’s central column to cast content. When your group reviews wireframes, you share and note edits. The meetings are brisk, unfolding organically. They’re marked by ease. They yield bona fide headway. You have months to go, and the website structure is already sound.

Want to learn more? Check out hushMeet’s product page here.

The hushWork.sit&stand work pod’s privacy story…

It’s Thursday morning. You’re headed into the office for your second weekly “on-site” day. Your office can be distracting at times. But you aren’t concerned because you have the hushWork.sit&stand work pod for all tasks which need deep concentration.

An office pod for the stimuli-sensitive

The pod has become invaluable to you because you’re extra sensitive to activity. Movement and sound break your attention easily. Come-and-go visitors, chatty colleagues, squeaky whiteboards, you name it.

HushWork.sit&stand lends the quiet needed for heads-down work

So though you’re slightly extroverted and appreciate the casual nature of the open office, the fact is, your brain just can’t think deeply in a dynamic space. So throughout the day, you hop into your hushWork.sit&stand for the utter focus you can’t find elsewhere. As a result, the caliber of your work remains high despite racket on the floor.

A work pod with sit-stand flexibility

HushWork.sit&stand is your favorite pod for the office because its height-adjustable desk keeps your back pain at bay. It allows you to switch between standing and sitting work postures as needed. The regular movement is energizing as it is healing.

hushWork.sit&stand private booth for office

Why are booths in the office a smart move? Not only are they fully featured, all-in-one workspaces. They’re portable, too, making it easy for teams to adapt the floor plan all while maintaining functionality.

An entirely “tweak-able” environment

The first thing you do when you enter your hushWork.sit&stand is set the soundproof cabin’s fan speed and light intensity. You love it. You’re as affected by temperature and lights as you are by sound and visuals. Within the pod, you have sit-stand flow and a fine-tuned space — two benefits you just can’t get on the floor.

No more open office anxiety

Then there’s the privacy aspect. The best part. It’s true that on the open floor you sometimes struggle to concentrate. You have little control over your surroundings there. You’re subject to stimuli like brainstorming sessions and technology pings. In the past, frustration resulted.

A soundproof work booth for next-level privacy

But hushWork.sit&stand solved this dilemma. The soundproof work booth’s enclosed design lends what’s called architectural privacy — or physical privacy. Put simply: the pod makes you feel pleasantly, safely enclosed. It’s an antidote to open office stress.

Tranquility, at last

You’re calm and collected within hushWork.sit&stand’s quiet oasis. You savor its comfort, which is unparalleled. It’s real tranquility. Over the months, the pod has helped you see the obvious. A large chunk of your stress was simply caused by open floor ruckus. Ruckus you can now get respite from.

A work pod well worth the investment

Now that you’ve experienced tranquility within the pod, there’s no going back! With the help of several colleagues who’ve enjoyed the same benefits from hushWork.sit&stand, you’ve persuaded your employer to invest in two more of the work pods next quarter. The team is happy about it, to say the least.

Check out hushWork.sit&stand’s product page here.

HushMeet.L modular modular pods. A use case. Private and just right…

You spearhead the sales department’s efforts. Imperative to your crew’s momentum is guidance from your executive team. Today is the monthly meet-up with them.

Accommodate up to 8, comfortably

You look forward to these meetings because your higher-ups always lend sharp feedback on the department’s methods and benchmarks. As usual, you’ll connect in hushMeet.L, your office’s conference call booth. It perfectly accommodates all 7 executives and yourself.

Modular. Private. Acoustic. HushMeet.L is a premium soundproof pod for the office.
Modular. Private. Acoustic. HushMeet.L is a premium soundproof pod for the office.

For private, sensitive, confidential, touchy topics

You cover topics in these meetings which are confidential. The last thing you’d want is private content leaking. Luckily, the booth is acoustic. It traps all noise. Because hushMeet.L is finely soundproofed, conversations made in the booth stay in the booth.

A pod that helps you conquer

Then there’s the ambiance that hushMeet.L provides. It’s quiet and restful. You always feel unworried in the pod, which really helps you navigate trickier talking points. Speaking comes easy. You have no trouble relaying information about even the touchiest of topics.

HushMeet.L is the "modular" way to do portable meeting pods.
HushMeet.L is the “modular” way to do portable meeting pods.

Private pods for needle-moving meetings

The quiet, restful ambiance of hushMeet.L definitely plays a part in your success as team lead. You always leave the month’s meeting sure that everyone is up to speed on critical developments. Not only that — you walk away with input plus the assurance of executive leadership’s every confidence in you.

HushMeet.L is soothing compared to the open space, which can be hectic at times. The pod is also supplied with all the equipment needed for effective meetings: a conference table, a central column for the TV, and a power module.

The greenWall keeping nature within reach

Your boss even completed the pod with a greenWall — an all-in-one living wall system attached to the conference pod’s side. The wall does wonders for the office’s vibe. It’s gorgeous and revitalizing.

Modular; relocatable

So you’re thrilled to know that although your organization is changing buildings next fall, you won’t be leaving your cherished hushMeet.L behind. The pod breaks down into modules for quick relocation.

Depend on hushMeet.L regardless of the office’s layout

Getting set up in the new digs, one of the first things you’ll do is reassemble your hushMeet.L in the most convenient spot. You’ve come to use the pod every week for meetings of every kind. It makes the open space office totally functional. You now consider it essential office equipment.

Check out hushMeet.L’s product page here.

Learn about the greenWalls system here.

Hushoffice private pods FAQs

What are the best private office pods for agile working?

The best pods for agile working include an office call pod like hushPhone, an acoustic video conferencing booth like hushHybrid, a 4 person team meeting cabin like hushMeet, a 2-person team meeting cabin like hushMeet.S, a private one-person work pod like hushWork.sit&stand, and a multi-person conference call booth like hushMeet.L. All six of these pods are private, soundproofed, and mobile. They make the open space office productive. They also make its layout flexible, easy to adjust per emerging needs. Such flexibility empowers agile working, marked by change.

Are private pods mobile?

Yes! Every office pod in the Hushoffice collection is mobile. The hushHybrid video conferencing pod and hushPhone cell pod have built-in casters and can be moved by push. The hushMeet.L portable conference booth is modular and quickly breaks down for easy relocation. All other pods in the Hushoffice line sit on a frame creating space for a pallet jack.

What are office conference pods?

Office conference pods are acoustic work cabins designed for one-person or multi-person video conference calls. Shining examples include the hushHybrid individual video call booth and the hushMeet.L modular conference cabin. HushHybrid offers an optional monitor mount and optional video call face-illuminating light strips. HushMeet.L’s central column is an apt spot to hang a monitor while its modular build accommodates up to 8 comfortably. Both booths are acoustic, portable, and private.

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