HushHybrid, acoustic work pod by Hushoffice, has been recognized with the “MIAW Design Award” in the “interior equipment” category by the French architectural magazine “Muuuz” in cooperation with the “d’a” magazine. This is yet another prize this year for the newest acoustic booth from the Hushoffice line.

HushHybrid is an office pod designed for individual work and longer videoconferences or webinars. The booth provides the user with all the elements necessary to streamline hybrid collaboration –  the space for VESA mount, an ergonomic sofa supporting upright body position, side LED strips providing favorable facial illumination during video calls, and efficient ventilation.

HushHybrid is our response to the new standard of hybrid work model. Video calls and conferences are the integral part of it. We saw that we can connect from the office or home to almost any part of the world. However, to make this collaboration efficient, we need the right environment. Another award for hushHybrid pod, this time on the French market, confirms that we have provided users with the meeting workspace they actually need. France is one of our priority export markets, so the positive industry feedback is extremely ennobling for us. Thanks to hushHybrid you can ensure the best experience of the video calls. You can make them even in the middle of a noisy open space, and your colleague or business partner will not hear distracting sounds from the outside of the booth. Thanks to the built-in castors, the pod is fully mobile, so it fits into the flexible office philosophy

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager at Hushoffice.
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