Work the way you want

HushWork is an independent, mobile acoustic solution created to let you work how you want – your way.

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Tune up for work

The way an employee approaches work and their mood have an enormous impact on the tasks they perform. For this very reason, we created hushWork to eliminate the key problems associated with open-space offices: too many distractions, no privacy, and no space where the employees can feel at ease.

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Like a boss

Though hushWork is not assigned to anybody in particular, anyone using it can feel like the space was made just for them.

Wondering what hushWork would look like in your office?

Download the AR app and place virtual boxes in your space.

Colours speak louder than words

Colours are emotions, character and expression: this is why hushWork is available in 40 different interior colours! The cover is available in universal black and white, rendering it fit for any office.

Files for the architect

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