HushAccess.L is the ADA-compliant work pod seating 6

  • Posted on: 29 December 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

Have you checked out hushAccess.L yet? It’s one of the latest pods from our Hushoffice collection of premium, acoustic, mobile booths. It’s ADA compliant, accommodating wheelchair users and those with motor disabilities. And it’s a big pod, seating up to 6 employees comfortably.

HushAccess.L is the ADA-compliant work pod seating 6

HushAccess.L is made for an inclusive future.

It can be broken down, relocated, and reassembled, so it makes the floor plan flexible as well. Modern-looking, too, the large mobile pod hits all the marks. It’s a sure staple in any contemporary workplace.

Universal design is trending. Abbreviated UD. Also called inclusive design or designing for accessibility. These are all technical ways of saying something simple: designing for everyone. An office where everyone thrives. HushAccess.L is a model workspace solution helping make this happen

– says Robert Korpacki, Product Manager, Hushoffice.
Accessible office pod with furniture hushAccess.L
Employees with a sensory processing disorder can be hypersensitive to sights, sounds, and textures. HushAccess.L is a minimal, low-stimuli space where everyone feels at ease.

Effortless door handle.

An easy-to-use lever handle ensures anyone can open hushAccess.L’s door without strain — no tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist needed. This feature is a win for those with motor disabilities.


The pod’s broad door frame and low threshold make entering and exiting a breeze for wheelchair users. Its compact meeting table (which is optional) also takes up minimal space, maximizing the amount of open area in the pod for great wheelchair maneuverability inside.

HushAccess.L wheelchair friendly office pod for 6 people
Get silence, privacy, and calm in hushAccess.L

Charge while you chit-chat.

HushAccess.L’s simple, intuitive, easy-to-access power module conveniently charges devices during long meetings.

Let there be the right amount of light!

The pod’s LED ceiling light can be brightened or dimmed, catering to individual preferences per light luminescence. Those who are sensitive to light due to a sensory disability will find comfort and focus in hushAccess.L.

Acoustic conference booth for office with wheelchair access
HushAccess.L is a contained meeting booth with a consistent sensory experience. Its interior is soothing to those on the spectrum who are sensitive to their environment.

New air, who dis?

Quiet, efficient air ventilation runs constantly in hushAccess.L, keeping the pod replenished with fresh air. It feels cozy, never claustrophobic. And a sprinkler provision guarantees fire safety.

HushAccess.L is quiet, but not too quiet.

The premium conference booth insulates sound made inside while blocking out background office noise. The result? Pod users enjoy a hideaway of total concentration in which they’re free to be as loud as they like with their peers.

Hushoffice hushAccess.L large office booth with wheelchair access
The booth’s central column is the perfect place to hang a monitor or whiteboard for group work.

Background office noise outside is heard as only a soft murmur from inside hushAccess.L.

Employees in the pod can talk at their natural volume — whether soft or quiet, they aren’t subdued. Even the most soft-spoken is heard clearly in hushAccess.L. Even the loudest talker’s speech is contained by the pod. Employees collaborate care freely without concern of being overheard or bothering others on the open floor.

HushAccess.L wheelchair accessible acoustic office booth for 6 people
Space to converse, co-work, or disconnect a minute.

The pod’s excellent acoustics accommodate employees who prefer quiet over commotion.

When we talk about accessible design, we’re talking about much more than wheelchair accessibility. We’re talking about catering to a variety of preferences regarding sound levels, light qualities, and other environmental aspects, too. Employees with sensory disabilities, in particular, can be acutely sensitive to lighting and sound. Pods like hushAccess.L allow these employees to block out excessive noise and adjust the lighting to a pleasant level

– adds Robert Korpacki, Product Manager, Hushoffice.

Of course, some individual preferences stem from neurological differences, while some stem from mere personality types. For instance, extroverts tend to benefit from office commotion, while introverts tend to benefit from stillness. The bottom line is we’re all unique.

HushAccess.L quiet office cabin for quiet discussion
Those with hearing loss will have no trouble hearing others in hushAccess.L. The acoustic office cabin mutes background office noise, making every word made inside easily intelligible.

The way to create an accessible, universal, inclusive office space is to design for human uniqueness.

This means designing for a range of preferences by giving people options. Say, open spaces of dynamism like breakout hubs and collaboration zones as well as enclosed pods and booths of blissful quiet like hushAccess.L.

HushAccess.L quiet office cabin for teamwork
Step into hushAccess.L. Shut out all distractions. Fully immerse in collaborative work.

Universal, or inclusive design, is the ticket to the future.

Universal office design accommodates diverse employees, yes. But done well, it also accommodates diverse clients, partners, and prospective hires. It’s about creating an inviting and productive space for everyone

– offers Robert Korpacki, Product Manager, Hushoffice.

By designing for the “margins,” you accommodate the full spectrum of needs that are possible in a workplace. Thus, universal design is universally accessible. It’s inclusive. It’s for everyone. It’s a matter of supporting an ever-diversifying people and thereby winning loyalty and business of all kinds.

Accessible office design – frequently asked questions

What are examples of universal design?

Ramps, curb cuts, adjustable lighting, lever handles, broad door frames, touch controllability, and private wheelchair-accessible work pods like hushAccess.L are all examples of universal design.

How do I make sure my office is ADA compliant?

Start by investing in a quiet multi-person work booth like hushAccess.L. It’s wheelchair-friendly, accessible to those with motor disabilities, and pleasant for people with sensory hypersensitivity. HushAccess.L deflects background office noise and offers adjustable lighting and ventilation, which are wonderful benefits to the sensory-sensitive, whether an employee or a client. It’s the contained, consistent sensory experience desired by people who are easily overwhelmed by stimuli due to a sensory disability. Because it’s quiet, comfortable, and equipped with the basic features (an optional meeting table and a convenient power module), hushAccess.L works for everyone, not just the “margins.” It’s a reliable retreat from office commotion, perfect for team meetings and collaboration. 

What features does the hushAccess.L ADA compliant office pod offer?

Presence sensor activated constant air ventilation, a power module, and an optional meeting table. Learn more about the pod here 🙂

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