Do acoustic booths work in smaller offices?

  • Posted on: 11 September 2023
  • By: Hushoffice Team

Small office spaces present unique challenges. Streamlining a tight floor plate. Layout efficiency with smooth movement and no congestion. The right balance between collaborative and private work areas. We believe acoustic booths are part of the equation!

Do acoustic booths work in smaller offices?

Acoustic booths in smaller offices – tl;dr

  • Acoustic office booths work particularly well for small office spaces. They are compact, easy to install, freely mobile, multi-functional, and customizable to current trends. They work well on tight activity-based layouts, too, because each pod perfectly accommodates a specific set of activities while improving the office’s soundscape through noise-insulation.

  • How to fight noise in a small office? Strategically design the layout to facilitate quiet areas. Reduce sound transmission between areas, implementing work and meeting pods throughout the space. Absorb sound at the source through noise-insulating acoustic treatments. Rugs, ceiling baffles, and acoustic partitions, for instance. And cancel out noise by offering employees headphones and looking into sound masking machines.

  • Pods and booths are becoming popular in many industries. Financial and banking teams rely on booths for their guaranteed privacy. The legal industry enjoys the discretion of private work booths. HR personnel benefit from the quiet contained environment of a booth for sensitive discussions with employees. And creative teams fancy booths because they give employees a space to think out loud.

Small office, big noise — the challenges of working in a small space

Whether it’s sheer overload, clashing sounds, intelligible speech, or poor speech privacy, the noise-related challenges of small offices are many. And sound is a delicate matter — too much or too little of it can harm employee well-being. The ideal level is about 50 dB: rain or birdsong.

Limited real estate necessitates close proximity between an office’s various areas.

Thus, conversations and activities can make an amalgam of noise. Balancing the need for collaboration with the need for focus becomes intricate in workplaces where every square foot matters. The use of partitions and creation of spaces-within-a-space helps — hint: Hushoffice pods.

How to fight noise in a small office?

Positively, you can improve a small workplace’s soundscape through a combination of simple tactics. Just a few minor adjustments can enhance your office’s sound greatly, guaranteeing better focus and well-being.

  • Strategic Layout Design Arrange workstations and collaborative areas to facilitate barriers between quiet and noisy zones, reducing sound transmission. Designate quiet zones for focused work and individual tasks, keeping these areas free from excessive noise. Install soundproof booths or pods for private conversations, phone calls, or intense concentration. Encourage meetings to take place in booths to prevent noise spillover into the main workspaces.

  • Absorb Sound at the Source Install sound-absorbing panels on walls and ceiling partitions to dampen noise and reduce echoes. Set up desk dividers or privacy partitions made of noise-insulating materials to give employees personal space and quietude at their workstations. Lay down rugs or carpets to help mute the reverb of footsteps and ambient activities.

  • Cancel Out Noise Offer employees noise-canceling headphones to help them focus on tasks without distraction from floor noise, with the added benefit of a “do not disturb” signal. Allow employees to use music or white noise apps to sound mask background ruckus. Implement white noise generators or systems for steady ambient noise that drowns out intermittent spikes in the office’s noise.

On the topic of small spaces, storage matters.

Storage is a hallmark struggle for teams in tight spaces. Providing for cabinets and shelving without overcrowding the floor is certainly an art. Functionality and visual appeal must be reconciled for the space to work and feel right. Easy access without clutter or impeded movement is all part of it. Moreover, today, most teams want solutions that are flexible for changing needs, and multi-functional, solving many needs at once

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Effective storage systems can help reduce a small workplace’s noise.

In a chaotic workplace, employees are sometimes scurrying about, searching for items in the disarray. In a streamlined workplace, employees navigate gracefully, never fighting messes but retrieving and replacing items with ease.

Rummaging is a noisy activity! Storage produces order. Order produces flow.

Ransacking creates rustling as items are shuffled around in search of what’s needed. Complete storage systems curb such irritating noise by making a place for all things. Tall storage units act as sound-blocking dividers, too, for visual and auditory separation where needed.

Advantages of using acoustic booths in smaller offices

The special spread of benefits that Hushoffice pods offer make them particularly effective in small office spaces. They optimize the limited room available. They make use of every square foot. And all while offering a private enclave for independent work or secure discussions. Carefully finished with sound-absorbing carpeting and upholstery, they create acoustic isolation. They shield users from the commotion of a lively, close-knit team in a tight workplace. The flexibility of mobile pods allows for quick adaptation to changing work patterns and varying tasks, too. This means the layout can be updated to accommodate new needs. The workplace is then kept fully operational, never crammed or out of date

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

1.    Easy to install

Pods are a prefabricated solution. They install within hours, wasting no time. Unlike construction, they make no mess, either, keeping productivity untouched in the process. This ease is a big help for businesses run by small teams that can’t afford to lose a good day’s work.

2.    Freely mobile

Smooth-rolling, lockable castors. Heavy-duty leveling feet. Pods make a small office easily re-toolable. While built infrastructure locks your team into a fixed layout, pods unlock the floor, expanding what’s possible, transforming the office setup into an adaptive thing that’s responsive to needs.

Hushoffice hushPhone private call booth for office

3.    Multi-functional

At once, pods answer the calls for privacy, quiet, mobility in the layout, and untethered teamwork within the limited footprint of a small office space. Their scope of sizes accommodates many needs, from a 1-person work pod like hushHybrid to a 4-6 person meeting booth like hushAccess.L.

HushHybrid is a video conference pod that maintains connection between on-site and remote employees.

4.    Customizable to align with current trends

It is no wonder that warm, minimalist aesthetics appeal most universally in our complex world. Clean lines, quality colors, and sparseness with a sense of calm and focus resonate best. Pods are designed with this style of simplicity in mind.

Acoustic office pod hushMeet Hushoffice

Have you heard of kawaii? The cult of cute? Check it out for guidance on making the office homier… 3 pointers: tastefully bringing kawaii style to open-plan offices

Activity-based design using pods works well for small spaces due to its focus on efficiency.

If your team is seriously limited on space, consider an ABW design approach. By tailoring zones to specific tasks, you optimize available square feet, avoiding lost space by giving every inch a purpose.

In theory, a confused office layout can be transformed into a coherent activity-based setup simply by introducing a number of pods suited for the team’s scope of work. For meetings, there’s hushMeet. For phone calls or standing work, there’s hushPhone. For taking five, there’s hushAccess.L. Each pod is a highly compact, feature-rich, self-contained, purpose-built structure. Designed and customizable for a specific set of activities. Together, the right array of pods can accommodate the exact functions your team completes on a daily basis. All the while they divide the floor in a way that’s intuitive to move through. ABW design is all about this close alignment between functional needs and physical design, making pods cut out for the work since pods like those in our Hushoffice line are function-focused and efficiently sized

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Acoustic office booths are where privacy meets professionalism

High-quality pods have a professional look. They make good impressions on clients and visitors. When a workplace offers such soundproof sanctuaries, positive, productive interactions are bolstered, at the same time, occupants are supported by an environment that values and upholds discretion.

Financial and banking teams need the privacy booths provide

Private calls and client education should be held in contained spaces like booths. In such a dedicated space, sensitive matters are secure during critical conversations. It’s a professional setting where confidentiality is maintained.

Booths and pods give the legal industry necessary discretion

Whether doing legal research, reviewing documents, virtual hearings, or client consultations, a phone booth like hushPhone has its place in any law firm. Such private pods can also be used for conducting depositions, witness interviews, and pre-trial preparations.

Portable office call booth hushPhone Hushoffice
HushPhone private call pod

HR personnel savor the comfort and ease of small office pods

A 4-person pod like hushMeet is a noise-free space for employee evaluations, conflict resolution, or personal matters. It enables HR managers to converse openly, garnering trust. The pod insulates speech, making it easier for teammates to be forthright and vulnerable.

Creativity without noise? Marketing and advertising companies need booths, too.

Stillness is needed for brilliant thought. A hushed space encourages introspection, enabling you to explore theories, connect disparate concepts, and generate novel solutions. HushAccess.L is a large, sound-insulated booth where a small team can get together and think out loud.

Hushoffice HushAccess.L ADA compliant office pod adapted to the needs of persons with mobility impairments

Start-ups fancy office booths for serious brainstorms.

Knowledge workers need periodic moments of concentrated effort, whether for drafting proposals, reviewing financial reports, or coding complex software. Work booths like hushHybrid grant a refuge from the distractions of an open office layout, allowing one to dive in without interruption.

How can acoustic booths adapt to future needs?

Booths can be relocated to align with evolving work patterns. So amidst the dynamic changes that offices undergo, they stand resolute, an enduring refuge unbothered by surrounding commotion. Not only do they adapt to new needs, but they do so without interrupting productivity.

So do acoustic office pods work in small spaces?

Yes! Per sheer compactness, Hushoffice pods work very well on tight floors. Within mere feet of space, a work or meet pod gives all the amenities needed for great work or meetings. Easy to install, mobile, and adaptable to current trends, pods make the office a more efficient and flowing organism.

Acoustic pods in small office spaces – frequently asked questions

How much space do office pods take up?

Office booths come in a range of sizes, from 1-person phone pods like hushPhone, which is 1000 mm (41.3 in) wide by 900 mm (35.4 in) deep, to 4-person meeting booth like hushMeet, which is 2150 mm (84.6 in) wide by 1390 mm (54.7 in) deep.

Do work and meeting booths work well in small office spaces?

They certainly do. They install within hours, wasting no time and creating no mess. This is a big deal for small teams that can’t afford to lose a day’s work. They are also compact, making efficient use of space. And they are movable, allowing teams to tweak their layout to keep it fully functional, never crammed or outdated.

What’s the difference between a phone booth, a work booth, and a meeting booth?

Size and features. Phone booths and work booths are typically sized for one person. Meeting booths are sized for between 2-6 people. Check out the Hushoffice collection for ideas.

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