Open office layout? Here are 9 reasons your sales team needs an office phone booth or 2 on your floor.

Key takeways: 9 reasons your sales team needs an office phone booth

  1. Give introverted employees the privacy they need to perform at their best

  2. Muffle loud talkers

  3. Contain halfalogues, which are more distracting than regular conversations

  4. Convenience — phone booths are fully equipped, sitting ready for use

  5. Enjoy professional-grade speech intelligibility

  6. Give your team guaranteed speech privacy

  7. Booths are comfortable for long calls

  8. Booths block out visual distractions

  9. A booth’s minimal and clutter-free environment supports concentration

Phone booths give introverted employees much-needed privacy

Sales is a confidence game. Some people feel most confident taking calls in a chatty space. Others need peace and quiet to get into the zone. Some lose their mojo completely on the open floor, hyper-aware of being listened to. A phone booth like hushPhone is a solution for the introverted type

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

We think of salespeople as extroverted individuals with the gift of gab. But introverts shine in sales, too. Their inclination to listen gives them an edge over talkers. Of course, most introverts feel funny taking calls on the floor. A pod like hushPhone is a fix for this kind.

Survey your sales team. “What kind of environment do you prefer for sales calls?”

You’ll likely find that even the most extroverted prefers to take calls in a private space. Even the veteran employee — totally unfazed by the occasional fumble — likely prefers to make those fumbles in private rather than in public beside peers.

Booths and phone pods muffle loud talkers

Some people are blessed with a loud voice. Great for projecting clearly but problematic in an open space, as it’s nearly impossible to tune out booming sound. A solution is to give loud-talking employees private phone booths to take their calls.

In a pod, employees can project loudly without disrupting others.

With the assurance of soundproofing, loud talkers will be able to let it rip, so to speak, and get loud and proud in the pod as they want. Their infe