Hushoffice and Mikomax at the “Akademickie Targi Pracy” in Łódź

  • Posted on: 26 April 2023
  • By: Hushoffice Team

This year, we visited the Academic Job Fair in Łódź – the largest non-commercial job fair in Poland, which is organised by the Medical University, the Technical University of Łódź and the City of Łódź, among others. It was a great opportunity for our company to learn about the current expectations and competences of people entering the labour market.

Hushoffice and Mikomax at the “Akademickie Targi Pracy” in Łódź

All those interested could not only find out about the current open jobs and internships at our company, but also ask questions related to the recruitment process and the nature of work at Mikomax and Hushoffice. What’s more, we ended the event with complete information from potential future employees. We know how their expectations are shaped, how they plan their career and how they would see their role in our organisation.

We gave our visitors the chance to test for themselves how the hushHybrid acoustic booth works. For many students, this was their first contact with such products as acoustic booths. They would love to see our booths at their universities right now. And this is a reality – currently Hushoffice pods are present in several Polish schools, as well as in Mediateka MeMo, a modern and interactive library in the Łódź area.

Visitors to our stand who needed a moment of rest and recuperation could take advantage of the A11 armchair  – a modern, designer and futuristic solution for relaxation.

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