Even more space, even better meetings

HushMeet.L is a modular acoustic think tank room designed for meetings involving up to 8 people. It is a great alternative to permanent conference rooms. Office life involves dynamic and constant change. And we make it possible.


A perfect place for private meetings

HushMeet.L is made by conjoined modules. a team can simply add or remove these modules to expand or scale down the pod and modify their layout without creating any waste, disruption, or cost — all within one workday. Because hushmeet.L is built for change, it adapts by design.

Ideal acoustic through the finest details

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  1. Led ceiling light with dimmer
  2. Optional – grommet in ceiling for sprinkler provision
  3. Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor
  4. Anti-collision door marking
  5. Laminated front and back acoustic glass panels
  6. Tempered, laminated acoustic glass door with high quality handle
  7. Acoustic lined fabric panels
  8. Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel
  9. Independent, manual smooth lighting and ventilation rotary knobs
  10. Power module (Power + USB + RJ45)
  11. Optional - conference table
  12. Leveling feet
  13. Removable front panel for pallet jack
  14. Optional – seismic floor provision

What is Hush in real life?

We test our products with cutting edge technologies in professional environments. Our team is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the market.

Open office noise is the volume of blaring TV (~70 dB). HushPhone takes this noise and converts into 36dB: a decibel level as peceful as the sound of singing birds.

70 dB
36 dB

Inside Hush, every conversation is converted to the volume of a whisper, and can barely be heard from outside.

26 dB
60 dB

hushmeet.L technical features

  • Width
    2600 mm / 102 in
  • Height
    2300 mm / 90 in
  • Depth
    1800 - 3600 mm / 71 - 142 in
  • Weight
    775 - 1475 kg / 1708 - 3251 lbs
Up to 8 people

Configure the hush to your needs

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