Not everyone has to be a haven of peace, but at work it’s good to have at least some control over yourself. Admittedly, a lack of emotion is somewhat suspicious and certainly passé these days, but an excess of emotion is nevertheless interpreted as a complete lack of professionalism. So before we burst into tears or scold someone in the office, let’s try to control this emotional storm. Here are 5 ways to embrace yourself and save face…

Apart from the fact that it’s worth getting a certain dose of exercise, sex, humour and magnesium every day, as this certainly normalises emotional issues somewhat, it’s also good to know that already in a crisis situation – just before the “explosion”, you can still do something to save yourself from total disaster.

#1 Breathe consciously

Indeed. Breathing exercises – derived from yoga, can effectively calm the body and mind. Apparently, any tension can be effectively relieved in this way. This does not mean, of course, sitting in a lotus position in the middle of the open space until 4 p.m., but simply breathing deeply, consciously and calmly, as well as concentrating on your breathing alone for a while. Ideally, you can go out on some balcony or terrace to get a breath of fresh air outdoors – especially if your business is located in so-called beautiful natural surroundings – among the greenery. If that’s not an option, let’s just find a green corner in the office and breathe there. You can successfully calm down in the vicinity of GreenWalls – plants have a soothing effect, as does the colour green itself – proven info!

#2 Switch off for a while

This also helps. Any IT person in the company will confirm – if something is wrong – turn it off and on – it should be OK. “Overheated coils” need to be cooled down. If you feel overwhelmed by something at a given moment (also emotionally), you should cut yourself off from it for a while. A moment of tranquillity and a piece of space just for yourself is essential. Everyone needs it, and an employee in an open space full of stimuli and annoying co-workers even more so. A perfect solution in such a situation is the hushMeet.L equipped with a lounge set. You can hide there from everyone and effectively quiet down – literally and figuratively. Or, if not relaxing in a HushMeet booth, how about another lifeline – a phone call to a friend? Then we head to the hushPhone and make a call – with the privacy and silence of an office full of people – to someone who can help us calm down. 

#3 Ask for assistance

What if sometimes we panic completely unnecessarily and the matter is much simpler than we think? After all, emotions often distort the true picture. So instead of giving in to our growing nerves, frustration and so on, let us try…. ask for assistance. Obviously, any job involves a certain amount of competition, there are sometimes distorted ambitions, rat races and other such “attractions”, but… What happens if we ask for assistance? However, there may be absolutely nothing wrong, and the thing is certainly worth the risk. Two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two, five heads are better than four… Get together in a hushMeet.S or (if there are more volunteers) in a hushMeet.L and catch the bull by the horns together! Not everyone will certainly get involved, but neither does the whole company need to be privy to the problem. The closest associates and best buddies are enough.

#4 Work as you like

This is very important. Emotional demons do not wake up at night at all. They also get to us during the day, when something is not going our way, when we are struggling with something, and even when we are uncomfortable at work. Duties are irritating if they have to be performed in unfavourable circumstances – if it is too noisy, too dark, too hot, too cramped, if you have to sit but would like to stand or vice versa. That, however, is easy to change. There is no point in giving in to such irritation if you can work the way you like. Change the environment, the position, move around… Get installed in a hushWork.sit&stand booth, where you can work at your computer sitting or standing, and change this at any time (even without interrupting your work). A comfort that is hard to overestimate.

#5 Rest as you need it

Work, meetings, deadlines…it can all be stressful and emotionally draining. We care about performance and productivity, but we forget to relax effectively – which is also essential at work. Without regular rest every 60-90 minutes, our analytical, creative, cognitive abilities decline, we work slower and worse, we notice it, so we start to get frustrated by it, we get frustrated, so we don’t mind resting, and so we fall into a vicious circle. As hard as it may be to believe, a quarter of an hour can make all the difference in a life. After a nap of a few minutes, we can be wittier in a meeting with a contractor. A few minutes of relaxation in a hushMeet can bring us a solution to a problem unsolvable for a dozen days. Let’s learn to rest, and there will be less stress at work.