Hush Meet Open

Open to any meeting

A compact box designed for informal meetings in the office. Spending time in Hush Meet Open is a great way of aiding creativity and new ideas.

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Not only acoustics

Hush Meet Open creates an independent space in the office, but is the only Hush product whose form is half-open. The lack of front glass panels and doors makes Hush Meet Open a casual, friendly space for everyone.

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Available in 2 versions:
for 2 and 4 people

The AR app

Download the AR app and check out what Hush would look like in your office.

Colours speak louder than words

Colours are emotions, character and expression: this is why Hush Meet Open is available in 55 different interior colours! The cover is available in universal black and white, rendering it fit for any office.

Files for the architect

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