9 reasons why office phone booths are what your sales team needs

  • Posted on: 13 April 2022
  • By: Hushoffice Team

Open-plan office? There are at least 9 reasons why your sales team can benefit from an office phone booth (or booths) on the floor.

9 reasons why office phone booths are what your sales team needs

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Office phone booths for sales teams – key takeways

  1. Ensure privacy introverted workers need for maximum performance.
  2. Muffle loud talkers.
  3. Contain halfalogues that may impede focus even more than casual conversations.
  4. Are highly convenient, being a fully-equipped, ready-to-use solution.
  5. Offer impeccable speech intelligibility.
  6. Give your team members full speech privacy.
  7. Are comfortable spaces for long calls.
  8. Block out visually distracting stimuli.
  9. Create a minimalist, distraction-free environment conducive to focus.

Phone booths ensure privacy crucial for introverted workers

Sales is about confidence. While some employees feel best talking on the phone in a busy space, others require more peaceful surroundings to get into the right flow. Some individuals just tend to lose their get-up-and-go on the open floor as they are hyper-aware of others listening. And that’s exactly why phone booths, such as hushPhone, can benefit the introverted types

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

We often perceive salespeople as extroverts with the gift of the gab. However, introverted individuals can shine in sales, too. In fact, their ability to listen gives them an advantage over talkers. Since the majority of introverted employees find it uncomfortable to take calls on the open floor, using pods, such as hushPhone, can be the most effective solution.

Ask your sales team, “What is the optimal environment for sales calls?”

Most likely, you will find out that even extroverted individuals prefer taking calls in private spaces. Even the most experienced employees, totally unaffected by their own occasional slip-ups, feel more comfortable making those slip-ups in private rather than among their peers.

Booths and phone pods help muffle loud talkers

Some individuals are gifted with a loud voice. Perfect for projecting clearly but, on the other hand, troublesome in an open-plan office, where it’s almost impossible to block out booming sounds. A practical solution is to provide loud talkers with private phone booths where they can take their calls without disrupting other employees.

In a phone pod, workers may project loudly without disrupting their colleagues.

Thanks to the impeccable pod soundproofing, loud-talking employees can use the booth and confidently express themselves, being loud and proud. In a pod, they can passionately convey their enthusiasm for the product.

Office phone booths like hushPhone muffle loud talkers.

Phone pods contain halfalogues

And halfalogues are, in fact, more distracting than ordinary conversations. Yes, halfalogues – an omnipresent modern annoyance. Those snippets of phone conversations overheard when you are within earshot of people on calls. Downright intrusive, isn’t it? But why?

When your brain hears one half of a conversation, it automatically tries to guess the other half.

Our brain is an interesting organ that always tries to get the full picture. It’s scientifically proven that tuning out conversations that we hear only half of is a lot more difficult. Booths address this issue by containing halfalogues, and preventing them from disturbing other individuals working in the office.

Phone booths are highly convenient

They are a fully-equipped, ready-to-use solution. Let’s consider hushPhone as an example. Equipped with a power module, a laptop table, and a shelf, the pod also comes with motion-activated lights and ventilation. The moment you step into the booth, your call environment is ready, allowing you to enjoy maximum freedom, which is especially important if you receive a lot of random call-backs.

HushPhone is an excellent private call environment on standby

– adds Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

Attract your employees back to the office with acoustic phone pods.

Was office noise an issue for your employees pre-2020? Were there enough call spaces? It is likely that your sales team isn’t enthusiastic about coming back to the office for either or both of these reasons. Phone pods, such as hushPhone, can help address such issues.

Create a sense of togetherness among your team members on a more regular basis. 

Consequently, you will be able to take advantage of great opportunities that arise when employees spend more time together, for example, randomly collaborating or building relationships.

HushPhone is a privacy phone booth for the office.
HushPhone is a privacy phone booth for the office.

Acoustic phone booths come with excellent speech intelligibility

Speech intelligibility refers to how well a speaker can be understood by listeners.

While taking a call on a busy office floor, an employee needs to fight with background noise muddling their speech.

As a result, the recipient may struggle to make out their words.

Phone booths address this issue by blocking out background noise.

And, simultaneously, improving speech intelligibility. As they cancel out office noise, phone booths also help your employee hear every word of the prospect. In a nutshell, phone booths and pods maximise speech intelligibility, which benefits both ends of the line.

It’s crucial that a prospect can hear and understand every word of the pitch, or they may get irritated and lose interest. And it’s equally important that the employee fully comprehends every word from the prospective client’s responses

– says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice.

It’s especially important in case of calls that involve nuance, for example, when the prospect has some more sophisticated concerns, or they are exceptionally emotional. In such situations, your employee must recognise every subtlety in order to instinctively redirect the conversation as needed.

Office call booth Hushoffice hushPhone
HushPhone enhances speech intelligibility by shielding you from noise on the floor.

A professional salesperson can intelligently react to the client’s emotions.

This includes noticing changes in pace of speech or tonal inflections. Although they may be really subtle, they are valuable indicators of a person’s emotional state. However, in order to address these subtleties, you must, of course, hear them in the first place. That’s how top-notch acoustic call space, such as hushPhone, can help.

Class B phone pods provide guaranteed speech privacy

Speech privacy cannot be compromised.

With guaranteed speech privacy, workers can be sure that sensitive or confidential details of their calls are well-protected and won’t be overheard by their peers. Find out more: Office acoustics. STC? NIC? ISO 23351-1:2020? Acoustic partition and office pod ratings explained.

Office phone booths are comfortable spaces for extended phone calls.

Comfort bolsters engagement and enthusiasm. In fact, sales is a deeply emotional exchange involving money and trust. If you want to succeed, a positive attitude is a must, helping everyone keep a level head even in the most challenging discussions.


Soundproofed office call booth Hushoffice hushPhone
HushPhone’s peaceful environment keeps you centered. You’ll recall distinct pain points and tie them to distinct value props smoothly thanks in part to “calm” the pod imparts.

HushPhone is just as comfortable as it gets.

With a comfortable armrest to lean on, hushPhone allows for changing your posture throughout your call. And it’s really spacious, offering sufficient room for moving around or shifting between feet from time to time. In fact, frequent movement is advisable during sales calls to let go of nervous energy.

HushPhone is really spacious, giving you enough room to “talk with your hands.”

A really useful practice proven to reduce mental workload!

By using hand gestures, we may articulate our thoughts more clearly.

Hand gestures help us articulate our thoughts and use more powerful language. Interestingly, the prospect doesn’t really need to see the gestures to feel the power of the message. It is conveyed through your employee’s voice, strengthened by their natural use of body language.

HushPhone phone booth for open plan offices
Those who prefer taking calls hands-free can set their cell on hushPhone’s shelf or fold-away table.

Note: a standing pod is excellent for making calls.

A standing position fosters engagement, allowing you to think on your feet throughout the conversation. It helps you manifest your enthusiasm for the presentation, and your confidence in the solution being discussed – both evident in your bright and dynamic tone of voice.

Portable office phone booth on wheels Hushoffice hushPhone
HushPhone is relocatable by the push of two employees. As needs change, you can always move the pod to a new location in the office.

Phone pods block out visually distracting stimuli

Connecting pain points and value propositions. Carefully listening. Connecting the dots to build the business case. Effective calls have their unique components requiring undivided attention. Phone booths cancel out both acoustic and visual distractions, ensuring uninterrupted focus throughout calls.

While taking a call in the open-plan office, you need to deal with a lot of things happening around you.

Your peers are enthusiastically discussing their weekend plans. The marketing team is vigorously optimising the core persona on the whiteboard. The application development team is loudly reviewing their latest piece of code. And so on.

Office telephone booth on wheels Hushoffice hushPhone
Entering hushPhone queues your brain to switch gears into “call mode.” The pod’s pared back, contained interior keeps you in this mode until you exit the booth.

When you make a call in an acoustic booth, only one thing matters: the conversation.

Once you enter a pod, such as hushPhone, the world around you disappears. Your peers’ chit-chats become a distant murmur. The sound of pinging phones vanishes. Everything but the conversation at hand stays out of focus. HushPhone eliminates all the noise (both figurative and literal).

Phone pods create a minimalist, distraction-free environment fostering focus.

For sure, our times can be called the age of digital distraction. And multitasking is a horrible habit, cutting productivity by 40%. It becomes even more problematic when it comes to calls as each sentence may either explain or confuse, build trust or break it.

A distracted brain won’t focus on establishing a connection or maintaining conversational flow.

In fact, it’s likely to miss crucial information and fail to read between the lines as proficiently. Presence is definitely a superpower! But without attentive focus, it seems to be turned off.

Office phone booth Hushoffice hushPhone
When you’re composed, you surrender to the innate rhythm of the call (rather than rushing it along or dragging it out). A quiet phone booth like hushPhone helps you maintain this composure.

Personal phone pods help prevent habitual distractions.

How? Simply, by allowing individuals to leave the world behind for the duration of a call. When cocooned in a private call space, preventing their mind from wandering, employees can fully focus on the conversation alone.

Summing up, phone pods allow employees to get fully into their element.

Good salespeople make others feel comfortable in their presence. However, to make others feel at ease, they need to feel at ease in the first place. To achieve it, salespeople need solid support in the form of an effective environment or workspace.

Personal phone booth for office Huhoffice hushPhone
HushPhone. A call space you can claim as your own for the moment.

Confidence flows when you feel comfortable within your workspace.

It’s much easier if you feel in control of your space, being able to modify it to your liking (for example, by adjusting brightness or ventilation in a phone booth, such as hushPhone). Then, you may claim the space as your own.

Acoustic privacy is a key component, too.

While some individuals don’t mind background noise during calls, the majority prefers a serene, quiet soundspace. Auditory distractions may cause anxiety, shifting focus from “now” to others’ chaos. On the other hand, peace and quiet are the music of focus.

Pods are effective because they provide employees with multiple benefits.

Summarized: 9 reasons your sales team needs an office phone booth

    1. Ensure privacy introverted workers need for maximum performance.
    2. Muffle loud talkers.
    3. Contain halfalogues that may impede focus even more than casual conversations.
    4. Are highly convenient, being a fully-equipped, ready-to-use solution.
    5. Offer impeccable speech intelligibility.
    6. Give your team members full speech privacy.
    7. Are comfortable spaces for long calls.
    8. Block out visually distracting stimuli.
    9. Create a minimalist, distraction-free environment conducive to focus

Office phone booths: frequently asked questions

What is the definition of an office phone booth?

Office phone booths, or phone pods, are soundproof mobile cabins for private calls. HushPhone is a premium version — with retractable casters, a light weight, and leveling feet, making it relocatable by push.

Are phone pods soundproof?

Phone booths provide excellent soundproofing, ensuring their users excellent comfort and maximum productivity. They are pleasantly quiet, but not too quiet, allowing sound of 40db to penetrate the space. Why? Because 40dB is proven to be the best volume for focus – it feels much more natural than total silence. It’s just as pleasant as the sound of a murmuring stream.

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